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5 differences between Organized and Unorganized Property Consultants

organized property consultants

Property consultants are indispensable to the real estate sector. They are instrumental in helping you find the right property and land a good deal. You have a choice between approaching an individual consultant and hiring the services of organized property consultants. This single decision can make or mar your deal.

While an unorganized consultant or dark agent may charge you a smaller fee, organized property consultants or light agents have a reputation to keep and can be more professional. According to estimates, there are around one million property agents in the country who are neither registered nor regulated.  Here’s how they rack up against organized consultants. Continue reading “5 differences between Organized and Unorganized Property Consultants”

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Commercial Property

5 things nobody tells you about online hunt for Commercial Real Estate

Online Hunt for Commercial Real Estate

The internet has changed our world. From shopping for that favourite t-shirt to ordering the monthly grocery, everything is just a few taps away. But can you find your life partner or your dream home or commercial property on the internet? Just like matrimonial websites, property portals may throw up some attractive options. But you wouldn’t marry someone without meeting them, would you? Why would you then buy a house or lease commercial real estate without actually seeing it?

The risks in finding a match or commercial real estate on the internet are quite similar. Like matrimonial sites, property portals can turn into a landmine of complications. Here is what nobody tells you about online hunts for the ideal commercial real estate. Continue reading “5 things nobody tells you about online hunt for Commercial Real Estate”

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Commercial Property

5 Key points to check before you rent a commercial property

Renting a Commercial Property

A commercial property is more than a venue for your business. It is a mark of your status and reputation in the industry. While a trusted property consultant could facilitate a hassle-free transaction, there are some points you ought to confirm as a tenant. After all, nobody likes to be surprised after investing scores of money, effort and time into deciding the best commercial premises. Here’s a quick checklist to run by before finalizing a property for your commercial venture:

Check for deviations in property:

Ask your landlord for an approved building plan and check for inconsistencies between the building and the plan. Developers may have built additional space after procuring the Occupation Certificate and only a physical verification can reveal deviations from the plan. Continue reading “5 Key points to check before you rent a commercial property”

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