The Citadel Advantage

Citadel is a professional services firm which specialises in providing creative solutions that meet your real estate needs, whatever they may be. The aim is to ensure a smooth closure and great investment returns through every transaction made.

Our in-depth knowledge of the local market enables us to offer a variety of high-quality services that meet the increasingly complex and wide-spread needs of our clients. Citadel’s highly established business presence in the field of real estate enables it to grow revenues without a proportionate increase in infrastructure costs.

Our experienced research professionals gather data that cover market and economic conditions. So that everyone in the organization is tuned in and has access to important events and changing market conditions.

Citadel’s client-driven focus makes it possible to develop long-term relationships with real estate investors and occupiers. To ensure our clients remain content, we provide each client with a single point of contact who is answerable and accountable for all the client’s activities. To ensure that client’s can rely on us to feel secure, we also frequently enquire and act upon client feedback, this also helps us understand every individual client’s definition of excellence.This way we are able to develop relationships and generate repeat business.

Every single client matters and the client’s happiness is of utmost importance to us. So we take into account additional factors such as tenant loyalty, the relationship between managers and tenants, new opportunities for mutually beneficial tenant collaboration, etc. These factors add asset value over time by reducing turnover and operational costs. This way we create memorable tenant experiences that ultimately benefit everyone involved.

At Citadel, we identify, evaluate and select assets that best complement the client’s portfolio and property performance requirements, so as to increase the income and overall value. This requires complex analysis and innovative thinking to provide a well-researched strategy. When the market conditions and time is right for disposition, we provide a clear competitive analysis and transaction history of comparable assets to maximize the property’s momentum in the market.

Our service excellence and leadership goes much beyond our management skills. Our in-depth market knowledge has made us a trusted name in successfully meeting the client’s business needs. At Citadel, we believe that when our client grows, we do too. So we make it a point to customise and innovate along the way, for every single client. Our continuous improvement programs and our enterprising culture foster and reward innovative client solutions.

At Citadel, we take great pains to directly employ our staff, so that we have complete freedom to develop, share, evaluate and continually add value to their practices. This way we are able to deliver service and operational excellence, which meet the client’s real estate needs, be it in research, people or constant innovation.