Our CSR initiatives at Citadel

Citadel, a leader in the realm of commercial real estate advisory services in India, has always believed in creating a strong platform for Corporate Social Responsibility. The principles of CSR have been inbuilt in the value system of the company. We ensure that the initiatives bring about a tangible transformation to the community that we engage with.

We aim to empower the disadvantaged communities and offer support for their wellbeing. Our CSR initiatives are designed to impact our stakeholders positively leading to growth in personal and social areas. It is our endeavor to touch the lives of people who are at the lowest rung of social systems and provide them a life of dignity. Our team has taken up immense work in the areas of children’s education and welfare of the elderly.

Children’s education

At Citadel, we believe that human beings have limitless potential, and that all children, regardless of their background, deserve a chance to discover and realize this potential. We believe that quality education equips children with the right character and skills and helps them lead dignified lives. Here’s how we contribute:


Team Citadel lends a helping hand

Citadel supports Kaveri Vaitha Sevashrama (KVS) in Hesarghatta, an institution run by Ms. Sarojamma that provides shelter to destitute children and the elderly. Until 2011, KVS was an old age home that provided support to senior citizens. However, over the last five years, it has become a home to over 60 children aged 3-15 years. Most of these kids are either orphans or come from single parent families who are unable to look after them. The children are provided with food, clothing and education at KVS... Read more


Citadel sponsors a football team at the Youth Champions League

Football has gained a lot of momentum in India in the past few years. However, the sport is still in its nascent stage with only a few children having opportunities for professional training and access to quality sports infrastructure. With the objective of providing state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive training to talented children, Citadel has sponsored a team of young football players at the Youth Champions League... Read more