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Citadel encourages budding football players; sponsors a team at the Youth Champions League

Citadel Sponsoring YCL

Football has gained a lot of momentum in India in the past few years. However, the sport is still in its nascent stage with only a few children having opportunities for professional training and access to quality sports infrastructure. With the objective of providing state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive training to talented children, Citadel has sponsored a team of young football players at the Youth Champions League.

At Citadel, we identify with the game of football.  Just as a football team has players playing at different positions, each having a unique skill set that is essential to the success of the team, our diverse team at Citadel specializes in different areas of real estate management. The various team members work together as one cohesive unit and deliver results to our clients that exceed their expectations.

In football, players are equipped with the right gear such as studded football boots, shin pads and goalkeeper gloves. Similarly, our CRE experts are equipped with the right tools such as strong research, market knowledge and strategic advisory skills.

Finally, in football, all the players in a team work towards scoring a goal. Similarly, we have a unified goal at Citadel – to help our customers find property that suits their unique requirement.

We feel very strongly about this sport and consider it a part of the way we strategize. Hence, when offered the opportunity to sponsor a team, we grabbed it. Munich, the team sponsored by us has a good mix of budding football stars who can play at different positions.

The Youth Champions League brings together 12 teams, 540 young players in three divisions of Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 age categories. This is the first of its kind grass-roots level football league. The teams can enjoy playing football in a structured playing environment for several months of the year.

The core belief behind the inception of the Youth Champions League is to offer a competitive platform for players, an opportunity to experience and enjoy the game, grassroots player development and to give every player equal game time.

As a team sponsor, we aim to provide our players with all the necessary resources that can help them up their game and hone their talents to play in bigger arenas in the future.

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