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Things to Consider When Finding the Right Workspace for R&D Companies

Things to Consider When Finding the Right Workspace for R&D Companies

In the ever-evolving domain of research and development, companies need to keep pace with changing technologies and trends. The game changer in this scenario is finding the best workplace for Research and Development (R&D) companies involved in fields ranging from engineering to biopharma.  Going beyond housing high-tech equipment and hazardous materials or designing laboratories, the right workplace must allow these firms to respond quickly to major evolving trends.

New age features

Over the years, workplace strategies for the R&D sector have revolved around health and safety parameters, insulating lab environments and focusing on capital-intensive research. In the current work climate, there is greater stress on the need for collaboration among workers and companies. This has led to R&D companies adopting features such as removable partitions, adjustable lab elements, and plug-and-play features. Several firms are even warming up to the idea of opening incubators, joint labs, and crowdsourcing initiatives to source innovation from outside the company.

Easy access to talent

The foundation of any successful R&D company is laid on talent with highly specialized skill sets. This makes the right location for the workspace critical for recruiting and retaining professionals.  While choosing an office space, R&D companies must identify locations close to established talent hubs such as colleges or universities or emerging talent pools. The workplace must also have access to public transport to minimize travel times for employees.

Evolving workspaces

Until a few years ago, R&D companies would design the workspace themselves but recently this specialized task has been entrusted to developers. For instance, Alexandria Knowledge Park in Hyderabad’s Genome Valley has been developed to focus on the needs of R&D focused clients. With its advanced research and development infrastructure, the park provides multi-tenanted research buildings, incubation facilities and build-to-suit blocks for R&D clients.

R&D companies are recognizing the opportunity in a changing market and are rightly adapting. Some firms are adapting traditional lab configurations to create an environment that is conducive to teamwork and collaboration. With customized solutions, Citadel can help R&D firms formulate an effective real estate strategy to meet their business interests.

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