Regional Heads (South)

Priyanka Raj

Holding a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Jain University, Bangalore and an MBA in Finance from Coventry, United Kingdom, Priyanka Raj oversees project management, research, sales and also manages the new developments in-the-pipeline for Citadel. Her commitment to excellence, effective time management skills and years of experience makes her an asset in sales and marketing. Her broad range of responsibilities also includes business development, sales management, customer relationship management and corporate communications for the company.


Smitha Chinnappa

Smitha Chinnappa has been instrumental in growing new/existing corporate clients, recruiting new leaders/teams to Citadel over the years, as well as leading the human resources and marketing teams. As a key member of Citadel’s commercial real estate business, her team works closely with leaders across the organization to deliver a full range of HR & marketing services and solutions. A graduate in Commerce from Baldwin Methodist College, Bangalore with an MBA in Marketing, she leverages a unique blend of experience in real estate operations and has an impressive background in corporate sales.


Sushma Gowda

A graduate in Commerce from Christ University Bangalore with MBA in Finance from Symbiosis Pune University, Sushma Gowda has 5 years experience as a Senior Risk Analyst in Societe Generale. Now she manages the goals, objectives, and financial performance of the Corporate Services group in Citadel. She is also responsible for providing integration, consistency and excellence in the service delivery that Citadel provides to Corporate clients across all service lines, strengthening our relationships with Corporates and implementing best global practices. Her reputation for creating innovative marketing strategies and having an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of market inventory also has her managing company brokerage files, including licenses and agreements, and acting as a supportive liaison between the Citadel team and Corporate Clients.


Neha Chengappa

Neha Chengappa provides strategic, operational and infrastructural direction across all the business lines for Citadel’s clients. She possesses 5 years of industry experience and is an integral member of the executive team in Citadel. Neha is a change agent with proven success driving growth and performance with innovation. Prior to joining the firm, Neha served as Quality Auditor in Target and as Customer Relations Manager at Porsche. Well organized with strong customer-service, writing and presentation skills, she stays informed about marketing trends and monitors industry changes which helps the marketing directors maintain their firm's competitiveness. Neha has a broad business development and operations experience, that gives her strong qualifications in commercial leasing.


Shraddha Gowda

Holding a bachelor' degree in Civil Engineering from Vishweshwaraiah Technological University, Shraddha Gowda has an overall experience of 4 years as a Senior executive in Property services department at TESCO and also as Senior Analyst of Integrated Facility Management at JLL. Her broad range of responsibilities at Citadel include: business development, sales management, customer relationship management and corporate communications.