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Sushreeta Choudhury

Sushreeta Choudhury, a name synonymous with both beauty and business acumen, brings a unique blend of skills to Citadel's forefront. A former Indian beauty pageant title holder, Sushreeta's journey has traversed the realms of Economics and Aviation & Travel Management from Edexel.

Her role within the company is nothing short of transformational. As the orchestrator of Citadel's strategic initiatives and operations, Sushreeta's vision sets the tone for the company's growth and evolution. Her adeptness extends to managing and overseeing expansion plans, ensuring a seamless integration of goals and objectives.

Sushreeta's leadership extends to the teams that craft, support, implement, and consult across Citadel's comprehensive service suite. Her role is tailored to leverage her extensive experience and strengths in operational and business development arenas, underscoring her commitment to creating value and driving excellence.

One hallmark of Sushreeta's leadership is her team's prowess in leasing challenging in-line and elbow shop spaces. Through exceptional effort and an extensive database of prospective tenants, her team excels in turning challenging spaces into thriving businesses.

Sushreeta's journey in the pageantry world is mirrored by her passion for modeling, which she has seamlessly married with her business endeavors. A movie buff at heart, her diverse interests extend to reading and traveling, showcasing her well-rounded character.

Sushreeta Choudhury's journey embodies a fusion of beauty, business acumen, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her role at Citadel encapsulates her drive for success, making her a beacon of innovation and progress within the company and beyond.

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Sushreeta Choudhury
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