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Palak Kothari

Palak is a dynamic and accomplished professional with an exceptional track record in the field of commercial leasing. As a visionary leader, she has consistently demonstrated a keen ability to drive growth, optimize operations, and forge successful partnerships in the commercial real estate industry.

With 10 years of experience in Pune, Palak has honed an extensive skill set that encompasses strategic planning, market analysis, lease negotiations, and tenant relationship management. Her deep understanding of the commercial real estate landscape, coupled with a passion for delivering exceptional results, sets her apart as a true industry expert. As a consummate relationship builder, she excels in nurturing strong connections with clients, stakeholders, and industry professionals. Her ability to establish trust and cultivate long-term partnerships has been instrumental in securing high-value leasing agreements and driving business expansion. With an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, she has earned a reputation for delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of diverse organizations. She is responsible for leading the client strategy and growth for Citadel in the Pune market.

Palak's strategic mindset and analytical acumen enable her to identify emerging trends, evaluate market conditions, and capitalize on opportunities swiftly. She possesses a keen eye for potential investment opportunities and the foresight to navigate complex leasing transactions, mitigating risks and optimizing returns for clients. Apart from work, her hobbies include spending time with animals and her keen effort to learn music.

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Palak Kothari
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