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How Fitness Amenities can give Offices a Competitive Edge

How Fitness Amenities Can Give Offices a Competitive Edge

People today are more informed than ever before. A lifestyle, which supports a work-life balance, as well as physical health, is one of the most sought-after life goals. Since most jobs today are data and technology centric, they don’t require much physical activity to get them done and employees end up creating increasingly sedentary lifestyles. Job satisfaction now relies heavily on a person’s ability to take care of their health, alongside being productive at work.

Why are companies investing in in-house fitness amenities for employees?

The employees are a company’s most valuable asset. Firms no longer need to compete only for the best candidates, but also to retain them. The latest working trends show that it’s becoming less common for people to work at the same place for their entire lives, or even for stretches of 10 to 15 years. Workforce turnover can cost employers far more than what they would like to spend, on training facilities or on the time lost in transitioning new employees. It is in their interest to reinvent the workplace to accommodate more than just their employees’ career goals.

Statistics show that inactive people are more susceptible to premature heart attacks and illness. There is extensive data to support the fact that those companies that have invested in free or significantly discounted, in-house fitness amenities for their employees, also enjoy reduced expenditure on health care and higher levels of efficiency and productivity from their employees.

Creating a motivated workforce

Providing health and fitness benefits to employees can also be outsourced to third party companies whose job it is to exclusively create or equip the work-out space and customize fitness plans for employees. These third-party agencies can also assume the role of tracking and analyzing the performance of employees who subscribe to the fitness amenities and in what ways both the firm and the person stand to benefit from it.

Due credit must be given to the effect that such provisions have on the morale and culture of the working environment. To be able to hold on to their best talent for longer periods of time, companies need to build trust with their workforce and imbibe a sense of pride. When employees gauge that their employers value them beyond just how productive they can be, it encourages development and growth. The benefits of a loyal and motivated workforce are ultimately enjoyed by the company. But, it is the win-win attitude for both that eventually pays off the most.

With the boom in jobs in the IT and online space, there are many companies searching for the best talent for what is essentially the same job profile. In times like these, the employer that offers additional benefits by means of fitness and wellness centers in offices are bound to have a competitive advantage over their counterparts.

At Citadel, we can help find suitable commercial properties and office spaces with superior amenities that help you create a productive and motivated workforce.

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