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Every sector comes with a challenge that is unique to its field. Our years of expertise in a variety of sectors make it easy for us to understand the exact needs of your industry. We do everything within our control to improve the productivity, efficiency and performance of your business by designing and executing strategies that result in consistent returns throughout the tenure of our working together. We’ll be by your side every step of the way ensuring you make the right real estate decisions that reduce costs and enhance company growth. All this we do hand-in-hand with our sister-firm who have years of expertise, so you stand to gain twice the advantage.


Unique and centralized Banking & Financial Solutions

Every financial institution has its unique property requirement and we respond with tailored solutions designed to meet that requirement. We recommend, create and implement a consistent, transparent, and successful real estate portfolio advisory program that is accountable to our client’s business and cost targets. This way, we optimize operations and move to a more centralized and efficient real estate and facility model.


Thanks to us, Educational Institutions can focus on what matters, teaching!

Some of the most prestigious higher education institutions come to us for turnkey real estate, portfolio management, and facilities management solutions. We take the time to learn each university's culture and traditions in order to offer customized solutions for them. And take care right from the initial space planning assessments, customized, local-market demographic studies of student populations to complete janitorial and maintenance programs.


The very best experience in Hospitality

The planning and management of hotels, serviced apartments and clubs require experience and ample detailed research into every aspect of the market, location, positioning, day-to-day operations, security and guest experience to enjoy maximum profitability. Our long-standing successful partnerships are proof that our clients are happy and their requirements are met.


Delivering the best in Residential space

Our young and dynamic teams of professionals are committed to delivering the most admirable standards of service and innovative advice on all aspects of residential and multifamily property. Our services include site evaluation, initial planning, market positioning, building design concept advice, financial analysis, project marketing, and sales.


Creating industry-leading Corporates

Our clients trust us to preserve and enhance the value of their mixed-use, commercial properties, facilities, and assets. So we do our very best to offer comprehensive capabilities, substantial resources, and expertise that enable us to deliver industry-leading corporate real estate advisory and management services on a day-to-day basis.


Energy for a secure and successful future

Oil refineries, production platforms, office real estate, retail stations, energy, and security solutions, are critically significant cost centers for the oil and gas industries. It takes a specialist to understand the nuances of these highly regulated spaces and their intended uses. At Citadel, we offer close partnership and support in strategic decisions to manage, develop, acquire, or maintain these facilities over time. We ensure all necessary compliance and safe occupation; our employees are accountable for the entire process of managing facilities, negotiating real estate transactions, and designing workplace strategies. 

Life Sciences

Ensuring the highest return on investment in Life Sciences

Fulfilling the complex operational requirements of our biotechnical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical clients is no small feat. Real estate, energy, and security solutions are critical factors and significant cost centers in these industries, and it requires strategic decisions to acquire, build out, manage, upgrade, and maintain assets, ensure all necessary compliance, safe occupation, and eventually obtain the best return on investment.


Retail that’s up-to-date and progressive

The passion to stay up-to-date in the highly-progressive retail and leisure sector is one of our strengths. It also gives us the leverage needed to advise retailers, occupiers, developers, investors, landlords and owners on how to stay ahead of their businesses, right from strategizing all the way through implementation. We work hand-in-hand with our clients so as to develop, manage, and smoothly provide every service needed for their business, while they get to focus exclusively on their customers and profitability.

Data Centers

Data Centers that bridge the gap so you focus on the business

Citadel addresses the highly complex information technology needs that help to bridge the gap between traditional real estate decision-making and the fast-evolving technology market. We understand the intricacies of tech facilities, from complex engineering to financial strategies. And so provide data center facilities, consulting, and transaction advisory, which in turn help free up crucial management time so the client gets to focus on core business activities.


Innovative solutions that take care of the Government

We understand only too well that occupancy and management costs are among the largest expenses for government budgets, and so work towards delivering innovative solutions that take care of preliminary planning and consulting to everyday facilities management and strategic advising for the future. We can admit with confidence that our integrity, accountability, and flexibility in customizing to the client’s evolving requirements are only getting stronger by the day.