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Strategic Advisory

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Strategic Advisory

Commercial real estate partners can rely on

At Citadel, our strategic advisory services involve end-to-end solutions. This includes providing market research, benchmarking studies, financial analysis, pricing and location inputs, along with relevant implementation strategies to help you make the most from your investments.

Property consultancy services

When looking for commercial property advisors, it is extremely crucial to look for a firm that seeks a long-term relationship with clients. Property management services and investment management requires an advisory team and expert commercial real estate consultants who understand the industry and have the capability to chalk out efficient strategies.

We deliver property consultancy services that look beyond the short term. Our commercial property consultants seek a long-term relationship with clients and deliver strategies that synergizes with your organization’s vision. Our consultancy services are backed by extensive industry knowledge and domain expertise. We assist you in tackling mergers and acquisitions, establish unique workplace solutions, drive organizational efficiency, and build financial optimization.

Our commercial property consulting services include:

  • Development and leasing strategies

  • Acquisition and sales strategies

  • Property valuation

  • Legal due-diligence


Thorough understanding of the commercial real estate market is imperative when looking to lease, sell or buy a property. You can make the right commercial property decision only when you are equipped with adequate knowledge of the real estate market. Regular and quality commercial property research is crucial to track trends and progress of commercial real estate markets.

At Citadel, we offer a hands-on approach. We offer extensive commercial property research services that provides insights to keep you ahead of the curve.

Our real estate research services combine analytical expertise and market understanding that provide deep insights into future trends in the commercial real estate sector. With a highly-skilled team that closely monitors market trends, we gather insights into government policies, consumer and industry trends, supply and demand fluctuations and more.

Our commercial property research services include:

  • Comprehensive market reports

  • Strategy consulting

  • Risk assessment


Changing times and trends, and globalization have a direct impact on property values and financial risks. Any unknown changes in property values can directly put investors and owners at a risk of loss. Accurate property valuation reports that help discover the fair market value which is the starting point of any business and economic activity is the need of the hour. Citadel offers exclusive commercial property valuation services to meet your unique needs.

We give you accurate and fair value commercial property valuation reports that provide long-term benefits for investors and owners. These reports assist you in making the right investment decisions while buying or selling properties, determining funding, and efficient management.

Our property valuation services include:

  • Due-diligence advice

  • Comprehensive valuation reports for land, building and fit outs

  • Tax management

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