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Kajal Upadhyaya

Kajal Upadhyaya, a dynamic professional with a keen eye for excellence, occupies a pivotal role in Citadel's operations. As a custodian of the Corporate Services group, Kajal deftly manages goals, objectives, and financial performance, ensuring the highest standards of achievement. Her strategic vision is underscored by her role in integrating, enhancing consistency, and delivering excellence in service across all of Citadel's service lines to corporate clients. This commitment extends to cultivating robust relationships with corporations and implementing global best practices, enhancing Citadel's industry reputation.

Kajal is the linchpin connecting development and sales partners, meticulously overseeing the alignment of projects with established sales and marketing timelines. Her dedication translates into meeting targets and maintaining a seamless operational flow. Her client-centric approach shines through her delivery of comprehensive market analysis reports and sales summaries, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

Furthermore, Kajal's proficiency in managing company brokerage files, licenses, and agreements highlights her meticulous attention to detail. Her role as a supportive liaison bridges the gap between the Citadel team and corporate clients, fostering collaborative success and exceptional client experiences.

A graduate from JNTU, Hyderabad, Kajal's academic journey has been the foundation upon which her successful career is built. Beyond her professional achievements, her passion for travel, socializing, and gardening adds a layer of versatility to her character. Kajal Upadhyaya's journey epitomizes dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to delivering excellence. Her role at Citadel underscores her leadership, strategic prowess, and client-centric approach, making her an integral contributor to the company's growth trajectory and its enduring success.

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Kajal Upadhyaya
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