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Sneha Padmalaya

Sneha, a dynamic force in the realm of business development, plays a pivotal role as the brand guardian at Citadel. With a deep-seated commitment to the company's growth, she is responsible for shaping and executing Citadel's visual identity and innovative marketing strategies.

Kicking off her career as a Wealth Acquisition Manager at TATA Capital, Sneha swiftly emerged as a rising star. Her journey continued with prominent roles, including assisting reputable Coworking players in establishing and expanding their operations in Hyderabad. This rich experience has endowed her with a unique perspective and a robust skill set that she leverages at Citadel.

Sneha's responsibilities extend to orchestrating seamless integration, fostering consistency, and driving excellence in service delivery across all service lines. Her dedication to strengthening client relationships underscores her commitment to ensuring unmatched client satisfaction.

Sharp, organized, and immensely likable, Sneha embodies professionalism with a personal touch. Her dedication to delivering positive and stress-free real estate outcomes has propelled her to earn an exceptional reputation. Notably, her patience, empathy, and excellent listening skills stand as attributes that greatly benefit her in her role.

Sneha's journey is defined by her drive for excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication. Her position at Citadel highlights her as a beacon of leadership and a driver of success. Her commitment to creating meaningful client experiences positions her as a transformative figure in the realm of real estate.

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Sneha Padmalaya
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