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Karan Jain

Karan Jain, a seasoned luminary in the realm of real estate, possesses a wealth of experience gathered through extensive time spent in the field. His astute collection of critical real estate insights serves as the bedrock of Citadel's operations.

Karan's leadership extends to overseeing business development at Citadel, where he takes on the role of the company's brand guardian. This multifaceted role sees him shaping and executing Citadel's visual identity and dynamic marketing strategies, exemplifying his commitment to innovation and excellence.

His professional journey commenced with an architectural and interior designing firm, offering him invaluable insights into the industry. Transitioning seamlessly to commercial real estate leasing, Karan's relationship management skills in business development proved to be a natural fit, facilitating his effortless transition into the corporate real estate market.

Karan's traits of sharpness, organization, and approachability underscore his professional character. With an aggressive approach and an embedded service culture, he is relentless in ensuring his clients achieve their objectives. A solution-oriented professional thriving in challenging environments, Karan's 'never say die' attitude has garnered respect from peers and industry leaders alike.

Karan's academic foundation includes an MBA degree with a specialization in Marketing from Welingkar Institute Of Management, preceded by a Bachelor's degree in Statistics from Mithibai College, Mumbai. Beyond his professional pursuits, his passion for travel, music, and fitness adds a layer of versatility to his persona.

Karan Jain's journey embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and an unyielding determination. His leadership at Citadel encapsulates his strategic brilliance, making him an inspiring figure within the real estate landscape and a driving force behind the company's continuous growth.

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Karan Jain
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