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Khushboo Mehta

Khushboo Mehta, a strategic dynamo, spearheads Citadel's marketing and leasing programs, propelling the company's business attraction, retention, and growth initiatives. Her role is defined by meticulous planning, organized execution, and a relentless drive to enhance, promote, and develop Citadel's corporate presence.

Before joining the Citadel family, Khushboo held a pivotal position at an architectural and interior designing firm. Her oversight encompassed research and business development, where she showcased her prowess in structuring transactions through adept financial, analytical, and technical analyses. Her strategic insights played a vital role in shaping the firm's success.

Khushboo's approach is steeped in innovation, a testament to her value of visionary thinking in building corporate value, market share, and customer loyalty. Drawing from her extensive experience, she brings to Citadel a proven track record in fostering success within a business lead environment. Her ability to streamline processes and maximize productivity is evident in her past accomplishments.

With an Executive MBA from the NMIMS, and Bachelor's from Mithibai, Khushboo's academic foundation reflects her diverse skill set. Her meticulous attention to detail positions her as an expert in matters of business development and strategies.

Khushboo's spectrum of responsibilities at Citadel includes business development, sales management, and customer relationship cultivation. Her strong organizational skills and dedication to customer service further solidify her role as an invaluable asset.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Khushboo's passions span the breadth of travel, trekking, reading, and yoga. Her well-rounded character enriches her leadership and adds a layer of depth to her persona.

Khushboo Mehta's journey epitomizes strategic brilliance, innovation, and a holistic approach to business development. Her role at Citadel underscores her leadership and commitment to excellence, making her an integral force driving the company's growth and success.

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Khushboo Mehta
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