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Smitha Chinnappa

Smitha Chinnappa, a dynamic force within Citadel's ranks, has played an instrumental role in the company's growth and success. With a multifaceted portfolio, she has consistently spearheaded efforts to nurture new and existing corporate relationships, while also driving recruitment initiatives to expand the Citadel family. Smitha's leadership is not confined to these roles alone; she has been at the forefront of guiding the human resources and marketing teams, cementing her as a cornerstone of Citadel's operations.

As a pivotal figure within Citadel's commercial real estate business, Smitha's impact extends far beyond her titles. Her team, operating at the intersection of human resources and marketing, collaborates closely with leaders across the organization to deliver a comprehensive range of services and solutions. Her strategic vision and keen understanding of these domains contribute to Citadel's holistic growth.

A graduate in Commerce from Baldwin Methodist College, Bangalore, Smitha has augmented her educational foundation with an MBA in Marketing. This unique blend of academic prowess is a testament to her ability to seamlessly navigate both real estate operations and corporate sales, showcasing her versatility.

Smitha Chinnappa's journey is defined by her commitment to excellence, her leadership, and her ability to orchestrate a harmonious blend of human resources and marketing functions. Her holistic approach underscores her role as an integral force in driving Citadel's continued success.

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Smitha Chinnappa
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