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Vijayashree Dwivedi

Vijayashree is an accomplished Real Estate Professional, a maestro in the realm of Commercial Advisory and transactions, proudly affiliated with RICS. With a career etched in success, she navigates the dynamic landscape of Commercial Real Estate with finesse. Currently, she is a key player at Citadel Super, orchestrating numerous transactions that shape the ever-evolving NCR Commercial Real Estate Market.

Armed with a Silver Medal in MBA-Real Estate from the esteemed RICS School of Built Environment and a robust foundation in Civil Engineering, she stands as a testament to academic excellence and practical know-how. Her journey has been adorned with achievements, boasting a proven track record in the industry.

Having conducted transactions for unicorns and multinational corporations, she is a virtuoso in orchestrating deals. Her forte lies in cross-functional team coordination, seamlessly harmonizing diverse talents towards common goals. With a rich history of collaboration with IPCs and Developers, she brings a wealth of experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Her focus on advisory services goes beyond the superficial, providing clients with comprehensive and insightful guidance. End-to-end process management is an art she has mastered, skillfully navigating complex deals to secure favorable outcomes. At the core of her success is strategic client relationship management, marked by diligence, thorough research, and analytical precision.

In essence, her professional journey is a mosaic of skills – a fusion of business acumen, leadership prowess, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in the vibrant tapestry of Commercial Real Estate. Her journey continues to inspire and redefine success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

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Vijayashree Dwivedi
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