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Prasanna Rao

Managing Director

Prasanna, a stalwart in the real estate domain, wields a wealth of experience that uniquely positions him to spearhead Citadel's multifaceted operations. His unwavering commitment extends from business development to the meticulous execution of projects, showcasing his comprehensive grasp of the industry's intricacies.

Holding a degree in Commerce and fortified by an MBA in Marketing from Mysore University, Prasanna's academic journey has paved the way for his impactful career. His ardor lies in cultivating close partnerships with clients, delivering solutions of the utmost quality. As a staunch advocate for Citadel's prominence as Bangalore's premier real estate developer, he leaves no stone unturned in fortifying the company's standing.

Prasanna's journey boasts a rich tapestry of accomplishments, including successful forays across diverse fields. His tenure in sales and marketing with Tata further underscores his versatility and prowess. Within the Citadel fold, he presides over a dedicated team, collectively tasked with steering all marketing endeavors. This remit encompasses a dynamic portfolio, spanning asset strategy, transactions, facilities management, and project execution.

Prasanna's legacy is marked by his innate ability to cultivate pragmatic solutions that translate into client satisfaction. His strategic insight and hands-on approach are invaluable assets in achieving Citadel's overarching objectives. His leadership not only empowers the team but also solidifies the company's status as an industry leader in Bangalore's dynamic real estate landscape.

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Prasanna Rao
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