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Neha Chengappa

Neha Chengappa is a dynamic leader known for her strategic vision and operational acumen, serving as a driving force behind Citadel's diverse business lines. With an impressive 8-year journey in the industry, she stands as a cornerstone of the executive team at Citadel, contributing invaluable insights and expertise.

As a change agent, Neha's track record is underscored by her ability to catalyze growth and enhance performance through innovative approaches. Her tenure prior to joining Citadel saw her excel as a Quality Auditor at Target, where her meticulous attention to detail helped ensure top-tier standards. She further refined her skills as a Customer Relations Manager at Porsche, demonstrating her adeptness in nurturing client relationships and fostering exceptional customer experiences.

Neha's profile is marked by a seamless blend of organization, strong customer-service orientation, impeccable writing prowess, and persuasive presentation skills. Her commitment to staying abreast of marketing trends and industry shifts positions her as a true industry insider. By keeping a watchful eye on emerging market dynamics, she empowers marketing directors within the firm to maintain a competitive edge.

A comprehensive background in business development and operations endows Neha with a holistic perspective that lends her formidable qualifications in the realm of commercial leasing. Her capacity to provide strategic direction and navigate intricate infrastructural landscapes is testament to her prowess in driving Citadel's mission forward.

Neha Chengappa's journey epitomizes dedication, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Her role as an executive at Citadel underscores her pivotal role in steering the company's success trajectory while shaping the future of the industry.

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Neha Chengappa
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