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Priyanka Raj

Priyanka Raj, an accomplished professional with a diverse educational background, is a driving force behind Citadel's success story. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Jain University, Bangalore, Priyanka has forged a remarkable path in the realms of project management, research, sales, and new developments.

With a career defined by excellence and a commitment to deliver results, Priyanka holds a key position at Citadel, where she leads with a blend of expertise and experience. Her proficiency in effective time management has been honed through years of dedication to her craft, positioning her as an invaluable asset in the domain of sales and marketing.

Priyanka's multifaceted role encompasses overseeing project management, driving impactful research, and spearheading sales efforts. Furthermore, she is at the forefront of managing and nurturing new developments within the company's pipeline, a testament to her strategic vision and ability to navigate complex landscapes.

A proven business leader, Priyanka's responsibilities extend to pivotal aspects such as business development, sales management, customer relationship cultivation, and corporate communications. Her dedication to forging meaningful connections and her adeptness at managing client relationships further solidify her role as a pivotal contributor to Citadel's growth trajectory.

Priyanka Raj's journey exemplifies the synergy between education and practical experience. Her role at Citadel underscores her capability to navigate challenges and seize opportunities with finesse. As a leader, innovator, and strategic thinker, Priyanka continues to elevate the company's prominence in the industry while leaving an indelible mark on the realm of commercial real estate.

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Priyanka Raj
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