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Shraddha Gowda

Shraddha Gowda holds a distinguished bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Vishweshwaraiah Technological University. With an impressive career spanning 7 years, she has made her mark as a Senior Commercial Real Estate Consultant at Citadel, a leading firm in the industry.

Shraddha's journey in the realm of real estate and property services has been marked by notable achievements. Before joining Citadel, she honed her skills in the Property Services department at TESCO, gaining valuable insights into the intricacies of the field. Subsequently, she took on the role of Senior Analyst of Integrated Facility Management at JLL, where she demonstrated her prowess in managing complex facility operations.

At Citadel, Shraddha's contributions encompass a diverse spectrum of responsibilities. Her role is a testament to her multifaceted expertise, which includes business development, sales management, customer relationship cultivation, and effective corporate communications. Through her strategic approach and wealth of experience, she plays an integral part in driving Citadel's success and growth.

Shraddha's journey exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a dedication to the advancement of the commercial real estate sector. Her experience, combined with her educational background and proven track record, positions her as a highly respected professional in her field.

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Shraddha Gowda
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