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3 Tips to Renovate a Commercial Space

3 Tips to Renovate Commercial Space

Here are a few tips to help you simplify the task of office renovation:

Have a clear plan

Even before you embark on the journey of revamping your office, it’s important to have a focused plan with clear timelines. An office refurbishment is a good time to reassess the current layout of the office and if it allows easy interaction between staff members. You could consider switching to an open plan without too many cubicles and cabins. It’s also a good idea to make space for break out areas that allow informal interaction between workers.

Stick to your budget

While working out your office renovation budget, make sure to cover high priorities such as paint, flooring or storage and consider cutting down on unnecessary expenses. It’s important to be honest with your consultant about how much you can spend so that they can help you stay on track. Remember that for any refurbishment, budget for at least 10 percent more than you expect to spend, as emergencies and unexpected expenses may crop up. You may not be able to completely avoid unforeseen expenses, but by factoring them in you can have more control of your budget.

Hire trained professionals

When it comes to giving your workplace a brand new look, get expert help from professional office renovation contractors. Look for a CRE partner who can provide both design and building services and has a good reputation and track record of similar projects. Getting an experienced and efficient professional may cost you a little but will help you get better and lasting results. At Citadel, our team of trained and experienced professionals can give you the right assistance in remodeling your office.

Your office space is a reflection of your business philosophy and its design must keep pace with the demands and needs of your workforce. Revamping a commercial space can give your business a fresh identity and open up a world of fresh possibilities. Get in touch with us today!


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