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4 Tips to Choose the Right Property for a Restaurant

4 Tips to Choose the Right Property for Restaurant

Size and layout

First and foremost, carefully consider the size and layout of the property where you want to pitch your restaurant. Imagine the space with furniture and people as the size of an empty place can be deceptive. Keep in mind that the dining area usually takes up 45–65 percent of the restaurant while the kitchen and prep area take up around 35 percent.


There is no point opening a new restaurant in an obscure property which is not visible to people. Remember that great visibility is like free advertising for your restaurant and an open invitation for people to step in. Look for space in a prominently located building on a busy street. The rent for such a space may usually be higher but the increased footfalls will make up for it.


This small but crucial element can often make or break a new restaurant. Look for a building that has enough parking spaces within its premises. In case the building doesn’t come with its own large parking lot, ensure that it is near a municipal parking lot that your guests can use.


Last but not the least, look for a building that follows all safety norms to the teeth. Make sure to check if the electrical wiring is proper, and the fire alarms, sprinkler systems are functioning well. Take a proper walkthrough of the building and check for fire exits on every floor of the building.


Even after you have finalized the right building to start your restaurant, don’t be in a rush to sign a multi-year lease. Test the waters first and see how your restaurant performs for a year or two. Once you have established yourself and your restaurant’s brand name, you can sign a longer lease. Citadel’s team can help you on this journey and assist you in choosing the right property for your dream restaurant. Get in touch with us today!

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