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3 Critical Value-added Services that Professional CRE Consultants Provide

Professional CRE Consultants

With the passage of time, the role of commercial real estate (CRE) consultants has evolved and now involves much more than linking a commercial property buyer and seller. Today, commercial real estate consultants have become value-added service providers instead of merely transaction facilitators. Their role involves much more than securing the best property value available and negotiating the optimum terms of lease, purchase or sale of commercial real estate.

A commercial real estate advisor does far more than place a sign on a property and advertise it in the newspaper and digital forums. A seasoned commercial real estate consultant will have the right skills to provide research reports, strategic planning, and project management services so that your commercial real estate venture goes smoothly. While their core objective is to minimize your risks and expenses and maximize your returns, they also offer a host of value-added services. Here are a few value-added services that experienced commercial real estate consultants can offer you:

Accurate information backed by Data & Systems

Experienced commercial real estate advisors offer you the most up-to-date commercial real estate information such as the latest property price data, absorption and vacancy rates, and occupancy costs to help you make the most informed decisions. They have established systems to simplify complex processes and eliminate unnecessary costs. These systems, combined with historical data, are available to you through the commercial real estate specialist to assist you in the transaction process.

Transaction advisory, Project Management and Strategic Planning Services

Commercial property consultancy firms, who believe in providing value-added services to their clients, invest in hiring experienced professionals from different verticals of real estate to be able to operate as a one-stop service provider. For example, their teams have domain experts from transaction management, end-to-end project management, and strategic planning and of course commercial realty. Thus, they can cover all your commercial real estate requirements under one roof.

Workspace Layout and Floor Plan Advise

Not only do commercial real estate experts help you with commercial property investment, leasing and allied services but also help you plan your work floor to get maximum space utilization while meeting the specific needs of your business. So, whether you would like to incorporate leisure spaces where your employees can relax in their free time or multi-purpose rooms that can be used for meetings as well as team-based activities, a commercial real estate consultant can help you incorporate design elements that work best for your requirements.

At Citadel, we focus more on building relationships than merely carrying out transactions. Hence, we play the role of commercial real estate advisors covering a wide array of services other than the standard “off-the-shelf” real estate brokering services. We offer a host of value-added services to our clients based on their requirements and within their budget.

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