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4 Workplace Design Tips to Improve Employee Efficiency

4 Workplace Design Tips to Improve Employee Efficiency

The simple trick to boost the productivity of employees may not lie in complex research and strategy but in the design of the office. How the workplace looks have a direct impact on the workers’ level of engagement and performance. Moreover, the right environment can boost the company’s image making it stand out from competitors.

Here are a few workplace design tips to help optimize employee performance:

Open views increase productivity

An open view from your desk is not just easy on the eye but may also help you get better results at work. According to studies, a pleasant view of the outside results in faster and better performance by employees. No wonder then that office buildings orient maximum interior spaces to face landscaped areas and natural sceneries. The use of plants, green spaces and natural colors also helps in breaking the drab monotony of office interiors.

Create recreational areas

Recreational areas within the workspace are essential to break the monotony of work and keep employees alert and motivated. Break out zones encourage interaction between colleagues giving them a chance to exchange ideas and opinions in an informal environment. A multi-purpose hall within the office premises can be used for group activities such as yoga and meditation.

The right indoor temperature

Employees spend hours at end working indoors and the temperature of the physical office environment has a direct impact on their efficiency. At colder temperatures, people feel alerted but may get uncomfortable. On the other hand, at higher temperature settings they feel sweaty and lethargic. The idea is to maintain a uniform temperature that is not too high or low and helps employees maintain focus.

Quick connectivity for more productivity

The increasing use of multiple devices such as a laptop, smartphone, and tablet has cluttered the average desktop. More companies are opting for products that safely secure and charge their mobile devices. Workplaces are adopting solutions such as the FUSE desktop module allowing workers to connect devices quickly.

Businesses are waking up to the fact that performance-focused workplace design can be an effective strategic initiative. The modern-day mantra is that the right office environment drives employee excellence and business goals and boosts the company’s bottom line.

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