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5 differences between Organized and Unorganized Property Consultants

organized property consultants

Property consultants are indispensable to the real estate sector. They are instrumental in helping you find the right property and land a good deal. You have a choice between approaching an individual consultant and hiring the services of organized property consultants. This single decision can make or mar your deal.

While an unorganized consultant or dark agent may charge you a smaller fee, organized property consultants or light agents have a reputation to keep and can be more professional. According to estimates, there are around one million property agents in the country who are neither registered nor regulated.  Here’s how they rack up against organized consultants.

1. Due diligence

Organized property consultants work as a team of trained professionals. While one part of the team works on the field, the other takes care of office work. Unlike an individual consultant who multitasks and may miss vital details, you can count on organized property consultants to carry out adequate due diligence. Even with respect to paperwork and legal compliance, organized consultants are thorough compared to a standalone consultant.

2. Value addition

With its network of agents, a professional firm works like a human chain generating leads. They also have thorough knowledge about the locality and its issues. Organized consultants would also know bank representatives and legal experts, which can ensure that your work gets processed faster. In comparison, an individual property consultant does not have the knowledge or bandwidth to make such value additions to the deal.

3. Transparency in dealings

An individual property consultant tends to drive his own agenda and bias towards the builder to earn higher commissions. After all, he is just an intermediary and is not answerable in case of overpricing or any other issue. On the other hand, organized consultants are expected to make full disclosure to clients. They quote the best price and ensure there are no unpleasant surprises at the last minute.

4. Negotiation skills

A property consultant’s communication and negotiation skills are the catalyst to clinching a good deal. From the beginning of the transaction to the day of agreement, it takes a lot of negotiation by them to close the contract. A professional team of consultants has members who are trained to negotiate. On the other hand, a standalone consultant may not be that articulate and persuasive in his negotiations.

5. Knowledge of prevailing norms

Organized property consultants track the realty market closely and keep abreast of changing norms. With the right education and training, they are well-informed and updated. In contrast, standalone consultants have not been able to keep up with changing times. They still function in isolation and are largely unaware of market dynamics.

With their sharpness and in-depth market knowledge, new age property consultants have now overtaken their unorganized counterparts. Even though real estate remains largely unregulated, professional property consultants are rewriting the rules and ushering in a change.

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