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5 Ways Facilities Managers Can Reduce Energy Consumption

5 Ways Facilities Managers Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Optimum energy consumption and reduction of power wastage hold the key to the efficient functioning of any commercial building and office space. According to a study by Environmental Protection Agency, up to 30 percent of energy consumed in a commercial building is lost. In view of this, it’s imperative for facilities managers to use advanced power monitoring to increase equipment uptime and reduce energy consumption.

Here are five ways that can help facility managers reduce energy consumption in a commercial building:

Continuous Energy Monitoring

The most efficient way to maintain the lowest energy usage is to monitor it continuously. With continuous energy monitoring, facilities managers can pre-empt problems and nip them in the bud. Armed with their building’s energy data, facility managers can maintain energy efficiency gains, and can even reduce the need for energy audits altogether.

Regularly commission your building

Building operations can’t be forgotten after the initial programming of HVAC and it’s important to have it re-commissioned regularly to return it to optimal functioning. With periodic commissioning, facility managers can identify high HVAC usage, track functionality of large equipment and ensure that automated lighting is functioning according to specifications.

Accumulate LEED points

As more and more companies recognize the need to “go green,” LEED points have acquired immense value. An inexpensive and non-invasive way to gain LEED points is to install an Advanced Energy Monitoring system in your building. The system counts for up to two LEED points and can go a long way in assisting a project to get Silver, Gold or Platinum LEED status.

Enroll in a demand response program

Office buildings are often charged more for energy during the hottest days of summer due to increased air conditioning usage. However, you can make significant savings by opting for a demand response program from your utility provider. You stand to reduce spend during the most expensive times of the year, bring down energy costs and earn rebates for promised power reductions.

Monitor equipment and room usage

It pays to track your equipment with the help of branch circuit monitoring to gain many valuable insights. You may discover that while some rooms are never used, some are in constant use and what are the popular times for key equipment usage. These facts will help you optimize energy consumption for your commercial space over a period of time.

Going forward, new ways to monitor electricity consumption will considerably reduce consumption by identifying energy-intensive regions of buildings and times of a day. Some organizations are rewarding energy saving by holding contests among departments on who can save the most energy in a month.

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