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Creating Office Hot Spots to Attract Talent


When it comes to real estate, the location has been the single most important factor governing the choice of many businesses. With time, workplace strategies have evolved and the trend is skewed in favor of skilled talent. The quality of skilled talent has become a critical aspect of any company’s success and access to this talent pool now decides the location of an office.

Companies scouting for space for headquarters or branch offices are narrowing down their choices around local talent pools. It has become imperative to have a strategically located office in the best location to appeal to skilled talent.

Integrated Facilities at Workplace

A number of new age business parks are not necessarily stand-alone office building but are a part of mix-use developments that house residential, retail and commercial spaces in a single location. This format is a huge draw for talent as it gives them access to residential and retail spaces in close proximity to their workplace. Moreover, the presence of lifestyle facilities like food and beverage zones, fitness centers and swimming pools augment the creation of hot spots to attract talent.

Central location perks

Traditionally, city center locations have been more expensive but they are a magnet for the emerging millennial workforce. This is mainly due to their accessibility and connectivity with public transport. Another perk of moving to a central hub is that it gives the perception that the business can afford a good location. Companies are opting for central business districts to project a successful image which appeals to young urban workers as well as international top talent.

New-age office designs

The right office design can create a space that stimulates people and binds them together. The challenge is to create a workspace that caters to the needs of experienced older workers and still appeal to a younger workforce. Tech-driven trends such as telecommuting, hot-desking and co-working are being embraced to create the right synergy.

In an attempt to attract skilled talent, businesses are going the whole hog with perks such as flexible hours, health benefits and stock options. Yet none of these hold a candle to the benefits of a well-located office that cut down travel time for its employees. With its specialized services, Citadel can help your business choose the right location to draw the best talent in the industry.

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