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How to Choose the Right Commercial Space- Part 2

choosing right commercial space - part2

The first part of the two-blog series compared external factors to the office environment and how they help in choosing the right commercial space. In this second and final part, we look at some of the other factors related to the office environment that should be considered while choosing an office space.


Sound infrastructure and facilities within the office building is the key to smooth day-to-day functioning. In this digital age, most businesses can’t run efficiently without a reliable internet connection.

You must also check if the building has a reliable backup generator in case the main supply goes out. Also find out how the building will fare in the event of a national disaster. You must consider emergency exits and the time it would take your employees to evacuate the building.

Property Management

Consider the Building Management System (BMS), the level of involvement with the property and its reputation with existing tenants. You must evaluate how important aspects of the property such as air conditioning, plumbing, heating and waste disposal are being managed and maintained.

Proximity to emergency services

Emergencies may happen anywhere, office being no exception. While choosing an office space you must consider how close the nearest hospital, fire station and police stations are to the location.

Tenant Mix

The image of the building and its tenants can play a role in developing your brand, as well as recruiting and retaining employees. A prestigious address and high profile neighbours can enhance your brand value. It also helps if some key clients or complimentary businesses are located in the property. Whether it’s located in the heart of the city or the fringes, a tony office address can be a business asset.

Growth options

While choosing a commercial space, do factor in your future growth plants. You should not lease an office space, only to realize that another move is necessary a year later because you’ve been expanding rapidly. Your chosen office should allow you to expand without cramping your space.


While many companies look to the bottom line cost when deciding where to locate, that is rarely their only consideration. There’s a lot more involved in choosing a good office location than simply cost per square foot. Factors shaping the office environment have an important role to play in employee productivity and satisfaction. That’s why it’s critical to identify their benefits and place value on these factors.


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