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What makes Bengaluru the world’s most dynamic city?


What does it mean to be ‘dynamic’? Dynamism is characterized by constant evolution and progress, bustling with new ideas and having high and productive energy levels. All of this could be used to accurately describe the fabric of the city of Bengaluru. A recent worldwide survey has placed Bengaluru at the very top of its list of the world’s most dynamic cities. 134 major financial hubs from around the world are evaluated based on 42 elements that are summarized under three main subcategories: socio-economic momentum, commercial real estate momentum and high-value incubators (which are indicative of a city’s education, innovation and environmental systems that will support it in the long-run).

Bengaluru has been at the forefront of the Indian commercial real estate (CRE) markets for over five years now. There are multiple socio-economic reasons that are fueling local and global interest in CRE in Bengaluru. Being the country’s IT leader and start-up capital are amongst some of the main reasons. Bengaluru receives a large percentage of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), and enjoys a flourishing research and development sector in many industries including biotechnology, aerospace and aviation. As the city further develops, it is attracting some of the country’s and world’s best talent. This, along with being a well-connected city, with pleasant climate and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, make Bengaluru more attractive to CRE investors.

Bengaluru holds India’s largest amount of office space. Because of the emergence of start-ups, and the entry of corporate giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google, and the already existing 127+ million square feet of office space in the city, Bengaluru supplies to a large component of CRE investors. The city maintains what is close to an equilibrium with respect to the demand and supply of commercial real estate, even as it expands. Although the real estate market in Bengaluru is driven mainly by the IT and ITeS industry, there is a gradual change surfacing when it comes to the ‘workspace’. As more E-commerce startups and workforces in the creative fields come about, the city has also been witnessing a growing demand for shared workspaces. Co-working spaces like CoWork Cafe , We works ,Afwis and BHive amongst others, are fast becoming the norm and catering to a much younger, industrially adventurous and ambitious talent pool.

With this vibrant and energy-driven workforce, the demand for office space in Bengaluru shows no signs of slowing down. To support this demand and the growing influx of people in the city, Bengaluru is also becoming a hot spot for investors in retail, education, entertainment, and housing. What is also helpful is that Bengaluru is empowered with a government that is trying to enable the ease of doing business, while at the same time building the infrastructure and means to support it.


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